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Psychotherapy Group


This is a long term weekly psychotherapy group for people with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties or general feelings of unhappiness. There are times in life when it can be hard to cope with difficult situations and challenging problems. It is also a group for those who wish to enhance their quality of life and liberate energy for living and wellbeing. 

The group provides a safe space to share experiences, fears and hopes and to explore meaning through talking. Speaking enables connection and the possibility of new thoughts and perspectives. The aim is to make life happier, easier to live and invite creativity and growth in the person.


Working in a group is often a good way to approach a problem, since group members learn to be themselves with others. The therapy becomes an increasingly articulate expression of thoughts and feelings which leads to the possibility of intimacy. Group members learn from and help each other. Whilst it may seem daunting initially to be in a group and share, the dividends in terms of learning, connection and belonging are tremendous.

No man is an island,

Entire of itself,

Every man is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea,

Europe is the less.

As well as if a promontory were.

As well as if a manor of thy friend’s

Or of thine own were:

Any man’s death diminishes me,

Because I am involved in mankind,

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;

It tolls for thee

John Donne

Art Psychotherapy Group


This is a long term small group for people trying to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, unease, unhappiness or conflict. The group will provide a confidential space to share experiences, fears, hopes and to explore meaning through making images. You do not have to be 'good at art' to attend, only willing to squeeze clay, doodle or make some marks.

In a non-judgmental environment, self-expression is fostered through the creative process, and the group works together to develop personal insight, increased self-confidence and mutual support.

The group will progress towards new ways of attending to difficulties and identifying more resourceful ways of coping. Engaging in the artistic process can facilitate an encounter with our inner selves and by consciously engaging with our own life challenges together in a group, can ignite our imaginations and inspiration for living and we can begin to intuit our way towards growth, change or acceptance.

In a group where boundaries are observed, this can help to reduce anxiety and familiar fears by raising awareness and developing compassion towards oneself and others. The group, with interventions from the therapist and from the members within it, facilitates connections with its fellow members while remaining respectful of each individual's space.

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