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Therapeutic Approaches

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Analytic Psychotherapy


Verbal psychotherapy helps the person with relationships and other problems within the self. There are times in life when it can be hard to cope with difficult situations and challenging problems. Psychotherapy can provide a therapeutic encounter where together we can make sense of unwanted feelings and thoughts. Symptoms can be understood as manifestations of distress and their meanings can be explored together with care and respect. The aim is to make life happier, easier to live and invite growth in the person.

I work specifically with the experiences and language that a person brings and proceed at their speed.


As a group analyst I am mindful of the social and environmenal context in which an individual is located and I am interested in how their network of relationships has informed who they are and how they experience themselves. Conversation enables connection and the possibility of new thoughts. New thoughts can generate changes in being and behaviour.

Art Psychotherapy


Art Psychotherapy uses a mixture of talking and art making as forms of expression and communication within the context of a relationship.


The creative process is universal and intrinsically therapeutic. Art is an integral part of a person's tendency towards healing and transformation.

It is a way for a person to communicate to him/herself and others about vague, non verbal, essentially ineffable feeling experiences. 

When we can meet them with a sincere heart they open new dimensions to who we really are.


For me, art making communicates two basic truths - no one ever really knows as much about

any human being's inner world as does the individual himself and that responsible freedom

grows and develops inside each person.


Consciously engaging with our own life challenges can be a path of growth and initiation, and

by opening to the power of our own imaginations we can ignite our inspiration for living, and

thus begin to envisage our way.


'If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.'  Chagall


Art Psychotherapy helps a person uncover memories and feelings that have been forgotten

and helps to free up energy for living and wellness. By identifying patterns of relating and

challenging deeply held beliefs that may be assumed and automatic new perspectives

become possible and create a space for choice.


You do not need any previous experience or expertise in art - only a willingness to try.




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